Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I be certain funds will be used as proposed?

WY Statute mandates that specific purpose tax funds only be used for capital projects and only for those specifically stated on the ballot. Funds cannot be used for general operations.

How does the 5th penny differ from the 6th penny tax?

Proceeds of the 5th penny are focused on addressing operating needs. The 6th penny funds capital improvements like infrastructure upgrades.

What projects would be funded with the 6th penny tax?

Refer to the home page for a detailed list of projects.

How were the projects chosen?

City, town and county governments chose their individual projects. These were discussed during public board and council meetings, many of which have been covered by the press. Contact information for each municipality is available on the project summary above.

Why not build a new Justice Center rather than renovating the existing facilities?

The cost of renovating the two facilities is much less expensive than new construction. In addition long term maintenance of three large facilities would cost more.

Will the Courthouse and Carbon Building renovations provide flexible spaces that can adapt as our community’s needs change?

Providing flexible spaces is a critical goal to be addressed by the renovation projects.

What are some of the key safety and security issues to be addressed at the new Courthouse?

Two of the most important improvements are the development of a centralized security screening area in the Courthouse as well as a new access point that will allow inmates to be securely escorted from the transport vehicle to the courtrooms.

What are the benefits of moving the library to the first floor of the Carbon Building?

Moving the library to the first floor will dramatically improve accessibility with a street-level entry and provide much-needed space for focused activity areas for children, teens, adults and patron groups.

How will improvements to the Courthouse and Carbon Building reduce costs?

The improvements will improve energy efficiency, incorporate low maintenance materials where appropriate, reduce costly emergency repairs and significantly improve staff efficiencies, saving taxpayer dollars.

Can I vote for one project and against other projects?

No. All projects are packaged together in one ballot question.

Will the ballot question precisely define the amount of money that each community will receive?

Yes, the ballot question will precisely define how the proceeds will be allocated to each community.

Who pays for the tax?

Anyone paying sales tax in Carbon County will help pay for the tax. This includes tourists, hunters, and the multiple wind farms and transmission lines proposed in the county. These projects expect to take delivery of their materials in the county and therefore will pay the tax rate in place at the time of delivery.

Will my property taxes increase if this passes?

No. This is not a property tax, it is a sales tax.

Were the previous two 6th penny proposals paid on time?

The last two voter-approved 6th penny proposals were paid off early.

Is the sales tax exemption on food still in effect?

Yes. The exemption for sales tax on food is still in place and only the WY Legislature can reinstate that tax.

In addition to food, what are types of purchases are exempt from the 6th penny tax?

Fuel, prescription medications, farm equipment, real estate and many other types of purchases are exempt from both the 6th and 5th penny taxes.

What happens if the ballot fails?

The measure cannot be placed on a ballot for at least 11 months after the May 2019 election. Projects will either be postponed, not happen or other funding must be secured.

How long will the 1% 6th penny tax be in place?

The tax will be in place until the entire amount is collected. If sales tax is collected at a similar rate as the past decade this tax is expected to be fully collected within approximately 15-16 years. If wind farms and other projects occur and they take delivery of their materials in Carbon County as expected the total would likely be paid off much quicker.

Why is the election occurring this year?

The last 6th penny tax was paid off in 2018, years earlier than expected. The sales tax rate then decreased to 5% in October 2018. Having the election now would mean a 6% rate beginning October 2019 providing a full year at only 5%. In addition, with the tax in place as more large projects, including wind farm development and transmission line construction, are expected to occur in Carbon County, those companies would be subject to the 6th penny tax, which could contribute a significant amount towards early pay off.

How will the projects benefit the public?

There are many benefits tied to the proposed improvements, including improving the health, safety and security of Carbon County residents, extending the useful life of critical infrastructure and capital facilities, improving efficiencies, protecting property values and enhancing economic development.

Will community updates be provided?

Yes, project updates will be posted on the County’s website.

Why not build a new Courthouse and Carbon Building rather than renovating the existing facilities?

The cost of renovating the two facilities is much less expensive than new construction.

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